Saturday, November 12, 2011

What $10 Will Buy

What will $10 buy? A lot more that you think. Think about what you spent at your most recent trip to the store for produce. On average, you probably spend $3 or more for each type. That adds up quick. Think about how long that produce lasted you. Did you get the opportunity to eat it all before you had to toss it in the trash?

In today's world, people are being stretched to their limits and have to find more ways to stretch that dollar. People are becoming very creative about food buying strategies. From farmers' markets to food co-ops to the charitable food co-op, each challenges us to be more conscientious about where our food is coming from, how old it is, and how to properly clean, prepare, and store it in order to minimize the cost and maximize the health benefits from consuming them.

One noteworthy way in which Arizonans are being savvy is by their support of an organization called "The 3000 Club" which runs the local "Market on the Move". This market is entirely run by volunteers, small businesses, individuals, and contributing charities to help feed the hungry, especially children. Volunteers help rescue farm overages from ending up in the landfill.

The produce is distributed through the city every weekend, usually in a church parking lot. People can either bring their own basket or can use one of the boxes available. Annual memberships are available, but individuals can simply show up at any of the scheduled events throughout the Phoenix Metro area with $10.

Better bring a large basket or an extra pair of arms to help carry the load. During my visit, I received a rather large and beautifully ripe Tuscan Melon, Honeydew Melon, 4 containers of Roma Tomatoes On The Vine, 4 containers of Sunburst Golden Cherry Tomatoes, 4 bags of Cherry Tomatoes On The Vine -with 4 .75 OFF coupons, 6 beautifully red medium Bell Peppers, several Zucchini and Squash, and Pickling Cucumbers.

Produce varies according to season. Sometimes you can get Mangos and Bananas. When interviewing several frequent visitors, I was told they have never seen any green leafy vegetables there. But still, you will get more than $10 in fresh produce in just the tomatoes alone. A great value to be sure. In addition, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your $10 donation for your basket will help countless hungry, homeless, and families who have lost their jobs. This organization can help your $10 go a long, long, long way.

Meet George from MOM
The volunteer staffs are friendly and have a passion for what they do. George, one of the supervisors I spoke with, was kind, friendly, and very focused on the cause. He helped keep the lines moving efficiently and helped everyone with any questions quickly. The volunteer staff have total buy-in to the cause and really love people. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and intend on returning again and again.

If you have any organizations such as this one in your state or community, please contact us on the website under the Contact Us tab. We will look to promoting them on the site and providing their link.

(The 3000 Club is a program of Children's Emergency Medical Fund, a nonprofit charity founded by Lon Taylor in 2000. The 3000 Club works with the Northern Arizona Food Bank, and the Borderland Food Bank, which serves charities throughout Arizona and America. The 3000 Club is an approved 501(c)3 charity listed in publication 78. -from )

Market On The Move is a Win/Win